• Fossil-Free Steel

    A pilot project to develop a fossil-free steelmaking route with hydrogen.

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    Fossil-Free Steel
  • H100 Consequences

    An investigation of the impact of ignitions in hydrogen and natural gas accumulations in dwellings.

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    H100 Consequences
  • H100 Odorisation

    Investigation of the odorisation of hydrogen for distribution networks as part of the wider SGN-commissioned H100 project, in collaboration with NPL.

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    H100 Odorisation
  • H21 Hydrogen for Leeds

    Leeds’ existing gas infrastructure could be repurposed to deliver hydrogen for heating and cooking, instead of natural gas over the next 15 years.

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    H21 Hydrogen for Leeds
  • HG2V

    The HG2V (Hydrogen Grid to Vehicle) project was commissioned to determine whether the existing gas network could be re-purposed to supply hydrogen for use in fuel cell electric vehicles.

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  • Hy4Heat

    A study to establish if it’s technically possible and safe to replace natural gas with hydrogen in residential and commercial buildings and gas appliances.

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  • HyDeploy

    Investigation into whether standard heating and cooking appliances run normally on hydrogen?

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  • Hydrogen Appliances

    A desk study on the development of a hydrogen-fired appliance supply chain.

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    Hydrogen Appliances
  • Hydrogen Hubs

    The Hydrogen Hubs project is a Cadent Foundation-sponsored feasibility study investigating if large scale local energy production (Hubs) can provide zero carbon hydrogen to decarbonise challenging energy sectors.

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    Hydrogen Hubs
  • Fondo Italiano per l’Efficienza Energetica

    Fondo Italiano per l’Efficienza Energetica
  • HyHouse

    An evaluation of the risks associated with using hydrogen in a domestic setting.

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  • Levenmouth

    A project to develop the first community trial of hydrogen usage in domestic dwellings.

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  • Octopus Renewables Case Study

    Kiwa Moroni has been engaged by Octopus Renewables to execute vendor technical advisory service aimed to issue a detailed vendor technical due diligence to be shared with the potential buyers of the 173 MW portfolio, consisting of 17 photovoltaic plants located in Italy: Nine plants are located in Lazio, and eight are located in Sardinia.

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    Octopus Renewables Case Study
  • Port of Amsterdam

    A study to assess the feasibility of building gas infrastructure to link Ijmuiden and Amsterdam, and creating a network within the Port of Amsterdam area to distribute hydrogen.

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    Port of Amsterdam
  • Hydrogen Training

    As a leading test house for hydrogen heating and cooking appliances, our in-house expertise means we are well placed to deliver training courses on hydrogen.

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    Hydrogen Training
  • Evaluation of Low Carbon Heat Scenarios Project

    Kiwa Gastec provided technical support to a comparative study of the cost and impact of four low carbon heat scenarios, led by KPMG, in collaboration with the ENA and Imperial College.

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    Evaluation of Low Carbon Heat Scenarios Project