Hydrogen Hubs

The Hydrogen Hubs project is a Cadent Foundation-sponsored feasibility study investigating if large scale local energy production (Hubs) can provide zero carbon hydrogen to decarbonise challenging energy sectors. Focussed primarily on heat and transport the project will investigate practical and commercial viability of such a project for the city of Birmingham. Tyseley Energy Park has been identified as the location for the feasibility study as production here could be distributed to key demands in the city. The project is a collaboration between Kiwa Gastec, Cadent Gas, the University of Birmingham, and Tyseley Energy Park.

Why is the H100 project happening?

It is becoming clear that hydrogen is a viable alternative to natural gas for decarbonising the UK heat and transport sector. Considerable work has been carried out on the future of the gas network and how national scale production and supply of hydrogen could help the UK meet its Net Zero commitments. This project has identified that further understanding is required for how cities and regions prepare for a future with national hydrogen infrastructure.

What is the Hydrogen Hubs project?

The Cadent Foundation has sponsored this project to explore the practical and commercial considerations of localised production and supply. Cities and regions are committing to Net Zero targets, but they now need to develop the hydrogen infrastructure they need to enable them to meet this commitment. Kiwa Gastec and other project collaborators are conducting a feasibility study to explore the supply of hydrogen to buses, trains, heat networks and domestic and commercial properties.

What is the project outcome expected to be?

The project report detailing the outcome of the project has not been released yet. When it does it will be available here.

The role of Kiwa Gastec

Kiwa Gastec are leading the project and are conducting the feasibility study. This work on the project has included:

  • Stakeholder engagement interviewing key stakeholders in the city and the region.
  • A review of hydrogen production technologies and key hydrogen demands in the city
  • Concept development of the Hydrogen Hubs project
  • Techno-economic analysis of the final concept