Kiwa's hydrogen services

For manufacturers

  • Testing and CE certification for hydrogen components (pipes, fittings etc), capability for low and high pressure testing, gas analysis and chromatography.
  • Testing for hydrogen generators.
  • Lifecycle evaluation for fuel reformers and fuel cell systems.
  • Hydrogen vehicle component testing at our Hydrogen lab (accredited by the Dutch Vehicle Authority (RDW) for testing hydrogen automotive to 79/2009 and HGV 3.1) including Environmental/Climatic testing from – 50 to + 120 deg C and up to 1.100 BAR.

For networks and suppliers

  • Performing network calculations and determining level of risk or delivery reliability.
  • Field trial management, technical due diligence, risk analysis and regulatory support.

Kiwa is a leading testing and certification body for hydrogen and other gas-fuelled appliances. We also specialise in fuel cell power, mCHP, portable device and fuel cell systems – whether fuelled by pure hydrogen or using other feedstocks.