Hydrogen Storage

Another challenge for the entire Hydrogen supply chain and specifically for car manufacturers is the storage. Hydrogen has in fact a very low density, which means that it must be stored at high pressure.

Tanks dedicated to the accumulation or storage of Hydrogen must therefore be extremely robust and made of composite materials to allow safe and efficient storage. These tanks and their components must also meet very stringent requirements, for this reason they are subjected to a wide range of tests under extreme conditions.

Kiwa's Hydrogen laboratory has been testing automotive tanks for more than a decade and has recently invested in doubling the lab's capacity in anticipation of a large increase in Hydrogen vehicles as part of the Energy Transition.

Kiwa services for Hydrogen storage

Kiwa, thanks to the experience acquired in the sector and the wide knowledge gained in the recent years at national and international level, can support Hydrogen storage processes thanks to the following services:

  • Testing, Inspection and Certification to ensure quality, safety and performance of high-pressure components, e.g. process and storage tanks
  • Pressure Equipment Certification (PED)
  • Transportable Pressure Equipment Certification and inspections (tPED)
  • Non-destructive testing
  • Technical and financial audits to identify risks and opportunities of Hydrogen storage tank, geological storage and bullet storage projects

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