17 February 2023

New EU rules to make batteries more sustainable and circular

According to new EU battery regulations, on which the European Parliament has reached a provisional agreement in December 2022, batteries placed on the EU market are subject to more stringent requirements in terms such as sustainability, performance, and safety.

The new requirements will cover the entire battery life cycle. Rules will apply to all types of batteries sold in the EU, including portable batteries, SLI batteries, light means of transport (LMT) batteries, electric vehicle (EV) batteries and industrial batteries.

Our experts from Kiwa Primara can help you evaluate the performance of your product at cell or battery level. We offer testing according to international standards such as IEC 62620, IEC 61960-3, IEC 62660-1 or IEC 61427-1. Besides, we can also perform evaluation and aging procedures according to your own specification and profiles. A large number of channels of our cell cycle tester allows parallel evaluation of multiple samples with different profiles and conditions. The aging procedure can also include the simulation of different ambient temperatures over a wide range.

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