T2 Utility Engineers

T2 Utility Engineers specializes in services to reduce the risk of existing underground and above-ground utilities for infrastructure projects. Our mission is to provide reliable utility information, professional insight, and high-quality deliverables. This results in reduced utility-related project delays and cost overruns. We look forward to talking with you about your project or teaming needs.

T2 Utility Engineers has been providing Subsurface Utility Engineering consulting services since 1993. Since beginning in Florida, we've expanded our services and footprint to provide clients with information about the complex, often unknown details of underground utility infrastructure. Throughout our history, our professionals have been involved in organizations that have developed the standards and best practices for the utility engineering industry. T2 Utility Engineers takes pride in helping our clients manage utility-related risk.

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Discover our services

  • Professional investigation and analysis of below and above-ground utilities, using engineering standards, provides the reliable information project owners and designers need to manage the impact of existing utilities on projects to avoid costly problems during construction.
  • Surveying - T2 Utility Engineers (T2ue) provides specialized geospatial surveying and mapping services, applying professional judgment to provide reliable and detailed site-specific surveys of above and below-ground features. State-of-the art equipment, collection methods, and analysis provide highly accurate information for acquisition, design, and construction needs.
  • Utility impacts and relocations present significant risks to infrastructure project delays. T2 Utility Engineers Utility Coordination professionals develop a managed approach to identify and guide the complex utility conflict resolution process, working closely with myriad utility system owners so construction can progress smoothly.