20 May 2022

PVEL’s 2022 PV Module Reliability Scorecard is here

This week PV Evolution Labs (PVEL), member of the Kiwa Group, presented their 8th edition of PVEL’s PV Module Reliability Scorecard. The Scorecard fits into the philosophy that testing and technical services go beyond the lab, because PVEL wants to mitigate risks and improve system performance throughout the complete solar project lifecycle.  PVEL has published the Scorecard since 2014, and this year it includes 25 PV module manufacturers that rank as Top Performers for performance and reliability.

As an industry we all have to deal with the current challenging market conditions”, says Tristan Erion-Lorico VP of PVEL’s sales and marketing. “Manufacturers have to overcome the instable raw material supply chain, along with COVID and  logistics difficulties. Despite all of that, we still see a lot of progress in the test results presented in our 2022 Scorecard, and we’re very pleased to be highlighting these technical advances.”

PVEL’s Scorecard

PVEL’s Scorecards summarize results from independent testing and names specific PV module model types as so-called Top Performers from six different categories. The test results from PVEL’s lab and field demonstrate that individual PV module components/bill of materials (BOM) can dramatically affect product quality. PV modules with the exact same model type can be manufactured from completely different materials. Suppliers are free to mix-and-match integral materials - even cells - so long as all the components are listed in the model’s IEC certification report. Beyond the Scorecard, PVEL’s detailed test reports are available for free to the downstream module purchasing community, who can use them and our detailed BOM listings to de-risk their procurements.

The scorecard and more detailed information can be found here. 

PVEL and the Kiwa Group

As of 2021 Kiwa has signed a partnership agreement with PVEL, the leading independent test lab for the global downstream solar and energy storage industry. Kiwa is investing in PVEL’s growth as a new member of the Kiwa Group. The companies will collaborate to advance their industry-leading test programs and certification schemes, and to better serve their clients around the world.