Comparative Energy Yield Studies

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Custom energy yield projects allow equipment manufacturers or project developers to assess different solar PV module and/or inverter manufacturers, technologies, product types and shading scenarios.

Product Development Testing

Evaluate early-stage technologies to obtain R&D insights that inform product design and commercialization.


Inverter and Energy Storage Runtime


Validate the reliable operation of energy storage products, inverters and other power electronics in the field for extended durations.

Product Safety Validation

Conduct field-representative arc and ground fault testing and evaluate rapid shutdown devices (RSDs) and other power electronics.

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Model validation

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Compare energy production in the field at PVUSA to performance models generated with Kiwa PVEL’s in-lab characterizations.

Other Outdoor Testing

Over the years Kiwa PVEL has performed a wide range of additional outdoor testing including racking installation time trials, bifacial energy yield analysis, tracker runtime projects, NOCT and operational temperature comparisons, and anti-soiling coating effectiveness studies.

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