In the legally mandatory area, certification is your proof of compliance with the required requirements. In the voluntary area, certification allows you to stand out from your competitors and show that your product has been tested and evaluated by an independent body and that it is a high-quality and safe product.
Internationally, our certification body works with various partners to offer you worldwide certifications from a single source. As an IEC CB certification body, you benefit from international recognition that also supports you in national approvals.

Certification procedure:

The certification process begins with the application, after which the applicant agrees to the necessary conditions of the certification process. After our experts have reviewed the application, we will send you an order confirmation.
After that, all necessary documents and information have to be provided for the assessment.
The contract regulates the relationship between the applicant and the certification body. If your product has not yet been tested by an accredited institute, the necessary conformity tests can be carried out in our independent testing laboratory. The certification process is completed with the issuing of the certificate and its monitoring by the certification body.


Our certification programmes: