Batteries containing lithium must be tested in accordance with UN 38.3 to ensure safe transport.

We carry out the necessary tests for you in our laboratory in accordance with the UN Testing Manual, Part III, Section 38.3- Lithium Metal and Lithium Ion Batteries.

The UN 38.3 Transport Test contains a total of eight individual tests. The tests depend on the type of lithium batteries or cells. The tests must be carried out on several samples. For rechargeable lithium batteries weighing less than 12 kg, for example, tests T1 to T5 and T7 must be performed with 8 batteries each. For batteries larger than 12 kg, the number of test items is reduced by 50%.

Individual tests according to UN 38.3:

  • T1: Altitude simulation / Altitude
  • T2: Thermal test
  • T3: Vibration
  • T4: Shock
  • T5: External short circuit
  • (T6: Impact)
  • T7: Overload test / Overcharge
  • T8: Forced discharge