Certification adds credibility

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Our certificates and reports offer reliable, objective and internationally recognised evidence that you comply with all quality norms. Moreover, they provide your organisation with a lasting quality incentive. Certification can be a useful tool to add credibility, by demonstrating that your product, service, (management) system or employees meet the expectations of your customers. In some cases, certification can even be required by law or contract. We can help you make your company's quality values visible to the world and support you in making a positive difference in your (international) market. Government institutions recognise Kiwa certificates and reports as reliable proof that you comply with European laws and regulations.

More than just certification

Kiwa's services extend beyond simply issuing certificates. At your request, Kiwa - in co-operation with independent experts - can also carry out inspections and research in the fields of risk management, environmental legislation, the working environment and safety issues concerning your products and services. Our combined knowledge of laws and regulations and of technology will ensure you of an impartial and thoroughly grounded evaluation that will exceed both your expectations and the required norm. You can be sure that with Kiwa's input, your organisation will be equipped for the future.

The certification process

You have decided that you want your product, process, service, (management) system or person(s) to be certified according to a certain certification scheme. (Not sure yet? Here are the advantages of certification.) Kiwa helps you from start - aligning your company - to finish - handing you your certificate.

But before that, there are a few steps to take.

Frequently Asked Questions about Certification

Certification is the confirmation of certain characteristics of an object (product), process, person or company. In most cases, this confirmation is provided by some form of external audit, evaluation or audit. An accredited or approved person or body therefore assesses and verifies the characteristics, properties, quality, qualification or condition of something or someone (and certifies this in writing by issuing a certificate). Assessment and verification shall be carried out in accordance with applicable requirements or standards.