Lab Capabilities

Kiwa Laboratories guarantee the traceability of measurements, provide advanced metrological assistance services and perform verification and testing activities on products and equipment.

As the first accredited laboratory in Italy, Kiwa offers a complete range of solutions aimed at the growth, development and optimization of production processes, targeting different product sectors.

On this page you can find all the laboratory activities provided by Kiwa Italia, with the possibility to search for specific tests or keywords.

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Calibration of Torque Gauges

Tightening copies are a key parameter for the success of structural fasteners made by bolting.

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Pressure tightness testing

The Pressure Tightness Test in accordance with UNI EN ISO 1167 Standards is aimed at manufacturers of pipes, fittings and plastic systems who need to verify their resistance under the most extreme conditions.

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Chemical Analysis of Metallic Materials

Checking the chemical composition of a metallic material, ferrous and nonferrous, is of paramount importance whenever a material needs to be classified according to regulations, or checked for correspondence with what is declared in the certificate of origin.

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Metrology Assistance

Kiwa Italia offers qualified support for the correct approach in managing measurement processes, from design to control, and for the best use of measuring instruments.

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Coordinate Measuring Machines (CMM)

Three-dimensional Measuring Machines, or Coordinate Measuring Machines (CMMs), are widely used in manufacturing and service companies and in many commodity sectors because they have high operational flexibility.

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Calibration of Multimeters and Current Clamps

Multimeters and Current Clamps are among the best known and most widely used instruments for measuring electrical quantities such as: direct voltage, alternating voltage, direct current, alternating current, and resistance.

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Determination of the Fluidity Index of Plastic Materials.

The test for Determining the Fluidity Index of Plastic Materials in accordance with the UNI EN ISO 1133 Standard is aimed at plastics manufacturers and processors and Quality Managers and allows them to characterize the type of material based on its fluidity and density.

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Determination of softening temperature

Vicat UNI EN ISO 306 and UNI EN ISO 2507 Polymer Softening Temperature Determination Test conducted in Kiwa Laboratory.

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Mechanical Testing

Mechanical tests are essential for evaluating the characteristics of the behavior of metallic materials in service.

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Determination of deflection temperature under load

The Determination of Inflection Temperature Under Load test according to ISO Standard 75 is aimed at plastics manufacturers and processors and enables them to ensure that the declared characteristics meet the requirements imposed by the relevant standards.

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Metrology for the Construction Industry

Kiwa Italia offers customers in the construction industry a specialized calibration and management service for measuring equipment.

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Accelerated Corrosion Testing

The Kiwa laboratory is equipped with equipment that performs tests of accelerated corrosion, climatic conditioning, thermal shock, and ultraviolet aging. Samples are tested with respect to their resistance to corrosion, to any temperature changes, sudden or otherwise, and to solar irradiation.

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Calibration of Optical Discs

Optical disks are typically used by companies for flatness measurements on measuring equipment and products that have high quality lapping and surface finishes.

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Calibration of Instruments in Frequency

Kiwa Italia is accredited to calibrate common portable and benchtop instruments such as oscilloscopes, scopemeters, signal generators and electronic meters.

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Impact tests – Falling weight

The UNI EN ISO 3127 and UNI EN ISO 11173 impact tests are aimed at plastic pipe manufacturers with the purpose of determining external impact resistance.

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Tensile Testing

Tensile tests UNI EN ISO 527 and UNI EN ISO 6259 are intended to test the conformity of physical and mechanical properties of plastics.

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Testing on Paint

The Kiwa laboratory supports companies in ensuring the reliability of their coating process by verifying coating characteristics.

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Calorimetric tests

UNI EN ISO 11357-4 calorimetric testing for companies wishing to test the polymer matrix of a given plastic material.

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Temperature Calibration

Kiwa Italia has obtained ACCREDIA accreditation for Temperature Magnitude Calibration, at its laboratories in Cadriano (BO).

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Laboratory Services for Medical Devices

Kiwa offers to Organizations the opportunity to carry out electrical safety, electromagnetic compatibility and any functional test in its laboratories, with respect to the harmonized Standards.

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EMC - Electromagnetic compatibility

With more than 25 years of experience in performing EMC testing, Kiwa Creiven represents a unique partner serving the market for Accredited Laboratory Testing in accordance with the EMC Directive 2014/30/EC for the certification of Electrical Products.

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Calibration of Three-Point Interior Micrometers

The calibration procedure for three-point indoor micrometers, as required by NFE 11-099 and DIN 863/4, involves surveying a series of points within the measuring range of the micrometer screw, after properly zeroing the instrument on the certified ring provided.

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Thermal Cycle Resistance Testing

Thermal Cycle Resistance testing is aimed at manufacturers and processors of plastic pipes, fittings and systems and allows them to determine resistance to high temperature cycles, and verify that the characteristics required by the Reference Standards are met.

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