Sustainable management

In which way do your products or services impact the environment in an increasingly environmentally conscious world, that's an important question to ask yourself. By deploying an environmental management system you not only clarify this matter for yourself but also for your customers. By acting in an environmental responsible way you create added value for your organization in the economic, social and ecological field. Kiwa can help you to enhance or to get started with sustainable entrepreneurship.

People, planet & profit

Sustainable entrepreneurship takes into account the impact that your economic activities (profit) have on your employees, society (people) and the environment around us (planet). By being able to manage your organization in an environmental and conscious manner, you can benefit of all kinds of advantages. It logically saves money of course, but it also enables you to structurally control your impact on the environment and see at a glance where the possibilities lie for improvement.

National and international requirements

Government and society are increasingly demanding companies to be more aware of the impact their activities have on people and the environment. Therefore it is only logical to see that national and international requirements regarding sustainability are constantly increasing. To meet these set requirements Kiwa is there to help as a partner for progress. Our broad portfolio ranges from the quantification of environmental impact to the evaluation, verification and communication of the sustainable performance of your products or services.

Our services in the field of sustainable management