Working with the CSR Performance Ladder in 5 steps

Corporate social responsibility is a broad concept that is also constantly changing. The CSR Performance Ladder (Dutch: MVO Prestatieladder) helps entrepreneurs to structure their sustainable business operations and to implement this in a good way. Based on over thirty CSR themes, the MVP Performance Ladder helps to create a balance in the ratio of people, planet and profit.

The CSR Performance Ladder helps companies map out what a social issue means to them. On the basis of the 33 CSR indicators, companies can determine their positions and ambitions when it comes to, for example, circular business or CO₂ reduction. Below you can read how to start with the CSR Performance Ladder in 5 steps.

Step 1: Well begun is half done

Companies that start using the CSR Performance Ladder select the indicators that are most important to them from the listed CSR indicators. This is how the CSR profile concept is created. This concept includes a CSR-oriented mission and vision and facilities that make it possible to manage the CSR indicators.

Step 2: Many hands make light work

During the transition process, it is important that all parts of the company know what is going on. The switch to Corporate Social Responsibility is not made just like that. Support is needed from the entire organization to realize the transition.

Step 3: The real deal

After the ideas of the organization have been elaborated into a concept proposal, an in-depth analysis is carried out. It is important here that in addition to the interests of the organization, the interests of stakeholders are also taken into account.

Step 4: Make it your own

Now a plan of action can be made. It is important that there is support for this from the entire organization. Once the strategy has been determined, the organization can get to work to achieve the set goals. By monitoring the CSR process, it is possible to respond in good time to deviations from the determined course.

Step 5: Certification

When the CSR action plan has been fully implemented, the company is eligible for a CSR Performance Ladder certificate. At that moment, the company can communicate that business processes are organized according to the principles of Corporate Social Responsibility.