For an increasing number of clients, sustainability is a selection criterion in tenders and quotation processes. By visibly opting for sustainable business, you distinguish yourself from your competitors. In addition, the market is growing for investors who invest in sustainability, or only in companies that operate sustainably. Sustainability also scores on the labour market. Young professionals would like to work for a company with an ambitious agenda when it comes to climate change, sustainable employability and fair business. Below you can read more about how you can certify sustainability.

  • ‘Green’ certificates

    Do you want to show that you are environmentally conscious? There are various quality management systems that offer you the right framework for this. With certification from Kiwa you can then reward your efforts. Below we have listed four popular ‘green’ certificates.

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  • CSR Performance Ladder

    Corporate social responsibility is a broad concept that is also constantly changing. The CSR Performance Ladder helps entrepreneurs to structure their sustainable business operations and to implement this in a good way. Would you like to know how to get started with the CSR Performance Ladder?

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  • Circularity

    Organizations that start a process to do business in a circular manner are eligible for the Kiwa certificate Performance Ladder Circular. This certificate focuses on the structure of the management system and how it ties in with the principles of circular entrepreneurship.

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  • MKI value

    Clients, especially national and local governments, increasingly value sustainability and sustainable products and services. Suppliers of sustainable products quickly gain an advantage with such clients, especially if they have used the Environmental Cost Indicator to show what impact their product has on the environment.

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  • ISO 14001

    ISO 14001 is an internationally accepted environmental management system. The ISO 14001 standard helps organizations to develop an appropriate environmental policy and to guarantee its implementation. Organizations with an environmental management system according to ISO 14001 can manage and possibly reduce their environmental risks.

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