ISO 14001: continuous improvement of environmental performance

Both your clients and consumers are becoming increasingly aware and critical when it comes to the impact a product or service has on the environment. By working according to the international standard ISO 14001 for environmental management and certification against this standard, you show that you take sustainability seriously and have anchored this in your business operations.

ISO 14001 contains requirements for an environmental management system and is aimed at supporting organizations in identifying, managing, monitoring and controlling environmental impacts. By improving its environmental performance, an organization demonstrates that it accepts its environmental responsibility and corporate social responsibility. An ISO 14001 certificate contributes to increasing customer confidence and improving competitiveness.

Continuous improvement is central to ISO 14001. The standard thus enables organizations to formulate objectives, improve performance and comply with legal requirements regarding, for example, more efficient use of raw materials and the reduction of waste. ISO 14001 is in line with other quality system standards, such as ISO 9001.