‘Green’ certificates

Do you want to show that you are environmentally conscious? There are various quality management systems that offer you the right framework for this. With certification from Kiwa you can then reward your efforts. Below we have listed four popular ‘green’ certificates.

CSR Performance Ladder

The CSR Performance Ladder (Dutch: MVO Prestatieladder) has been developed for companies that focus their entire business operations on Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). With the CSR Performance Ladder, an organization demonstrates at what level they act when it comes to sustainable entrepreneurship. The CSR Performance Ladder is a scheme that makes it possible to certify a CSR management system.

Performance Ladder Circularity

With the Performance Ladder Circularity (Dutch: Prestatieladder Circulair), companies demonstrate that they comply with the guiding principles of circular entrepreneurship. For buyers who understand the importance of circularity, this certificate is a decisive factor in choosing a producer. Companies that work with the Performance Ladder Circularity develop and produce products and services that are in line with circular entrepreneurship. Organizations that are starting or have completed a transition process for circular business are eligible for the Kiwa certificate.

Environmental Cost Indicator

The Environmental Cost Indicator (Dutch: Milieukostenindicator (MKI)) focuses on concrete infrastructure products. Companies that work with this tool demonstrate that they meet the requested sustainability requirements. The Environmental Cost Indicator tests whether manufacturers produce in accordance with required environmental profiles. This includes the nature and origin of raw materials and mixture compositions. The advantage of the tool is that municipalities do not have to perform additional checks when a company has this certificate.

ISO 14001

ISO 14001 is an internationally accepted environmental management system. The ISO 14001 standard helps organizations to develop appropriate environmental policy and to guarantee its implementation. Organizations with an environmental management system according to ISO 14001 can manage – and possibly reduce - their environmental risks. Certification according to ISO 14001 is not mandatory, but is increasingly being requested. For example by municipalities who issue an environmental permit or by clients for tenders and quotations.