Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Corporate Social Responsibility, or CSR, belongs to Kiwa’s core. Our quality declarations, tests and inspections add to people’s safety and health, both at work and at home, and in general to a safer, healthier, more sustainable world in which quality assurance and verification bring transparency. We create trust for society at large. All in all, about 70% of our revenues directly relate to CSR.

CSR Route 2025

At the same time, we sustainably develop ourselves and our business. We have set ambitious, yet attainable and measurable CSR goals for Kiwa on a global scale, which are formulated in our CSR Route 2025. Internal and external audits make sure we keep focus on these goals.

Two General Principles apply to the Kiwa Group as a whole:

  1. The first is that each Kiwa office and ultimately every Kiwa country should be audited and certified according to Level 3 of the CSR Performance Ladder. In 2025, 80% of our turnover will be realised in certified offices. 

    Within this first General Principle, we have formulated three Focal Points: reducing CO2 footprint, improving employee health and satisfaction and enlarging the impact of our services on sustainability – all accompanied by measurable goals.
  1. The second General Principle applies after an office or country has reached the first Principle and elaborated on the Focal Points: it then chooses two of the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) as a focus for further development.

International CSR Council

Kiwa’s international CSR Council, consisting of colleagues from Kiwa offices around the world, sees to the implementation of our CSR Route 2025. In Kiwa countries, workgroups ensure CSR gets the attention it deserves related to the CSR Route principles. We do all of this to contribute to a more sustainable, fairer and better world.

Would you like to know more about Kiwa's corporate CSR strategy? Read more on our global website.

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