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Waaree, 2023 Scorecard:

“PVEL’s extended reliability and performance testing catalyzed the growth of new markets and buyers of Waaree. As India’s largest module manufacturer and exporter, we happily share PVEL’s PQP in our conversations with global buyers worldwide.”
VSUN, 2022 Scorecard:

“Independent testing with PVEL has fueled VSUN’s international expansion efforts. PVEL’s unique Product Qualification Program not only helps us reach new buyers, but also accelerates sales by validating the performance and reliability of our PV modules.”
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Trina, 2022 Scorecard:


We are proud to be recognized as a PVEL Top Performer for the eighth consecutive PV Module Reliability Scorecard. Trina’s consistent and exemplary performance in PVEL’s rigorous independent testing is accepted by the market as clear evidence of our long-standing commitment to product quality.”
Boviet, 2021 Scorecard:


“Since Boviet began PQP testing with PVEL in 2018 our sales have increased by over 100%. The PVEL PQP quickly became instrumental to our long-term growth strategy: PVEL’s trusted and independent product validation is now fundamental in Boviet’s go to market strategy for all of our products."
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Jinko, 2019 Scorecard:


Earning PVEL’s Top Performer designation helped us grow U.S. market share at a pivotal moment in Jinko Solar’s international expansion. Since then, we have leveraged PVEL’s Product Qualification Program to prove the reliability and performance of our most advanced products to prospective buyers in markets around the world.”