Laboratory Services

Testing services for medical devices are functional to demonstrate products will reliably and safely be performing in use, for a preventive protection of end-users. For this, Medical Devices must be subjected to rigorous testing in order to meet the highest quality standards.

Kiwa Group Companies like Kiwa Primara and Kiwa Creiven offer to Organizations the opportunity to carry out electrical safety, electromagnetic compatibility and functional test in their laboratories, with respect to the harmonized Standards.

Our experience makes us leader in the branding market of active medical devices for several applications: Diagnosis and Therapy, Surgery, Rehabilitation and Physiotherapy and Odontology.

Kiwa | Your partner for laboratory services for medical devices

Kiwa’s laboratory supports Companies during the whole process, from the initial “Risk Analysis” phase up to the “Compliance” one, through all trials and testing needed to assess conformity with active requirements.

Our services in the field of testing medical devices