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Geotechnical Engineering and Geophysical Studies

Our expertise includes field exploration services, laboratory testing, and engineering evaluation and reporting. We have worked on large, significant projects, and have tailored cost-effective services for each.

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Materials Consulting and Testing

Raba Kistner is known throughout the industry as a leader for providing inspection and testing services of construction materials.

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Roofing and Waterproofing Inspection and Maintenance Services

Raba Kistner’s roofing and waterproofing inspection and maintenance services evaluate, test, diagnose and design many of the components that make up the building envelope to ensure longer life expectancy of the facility.

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Building Envelope Consulting

The building envelope is often the most expensive part of a construction project, so having trustworthy information is critical for managing risk.

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Construction Materials Engineering & Testing

Accurate sampling and accurate testing in a quality laboratory are two of the keys to making sure your construction materials meet what the project engineers specify.

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Forensic Services - Infrastructure

Raba Kistner’s Forensic Services are needed when distress, deterioration, failure, loss of function, or reduced performance occurs in architectural or engineered building assemblies, components, or equipment.

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Construction Materials Recycling

Raba Kistner consultants’ innovative approaches and technologies help clients eliminate some of their environmental liability by reducing landfill waste from construction projects.

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In-field Module Testing

PVEL’s field testing services can assess your project’s baseline health at module delivery and optimize post-installation performance.

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In-lab Module Testing

PVEL’s industry-leading bankability testing offers procurement intelligence for downstream solar buyers.

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Structural Steel and Mechanical Piping Inspection and Testing

Raba Kistner provides structural steel and mechanical piping inspection and testing services for buildings, bridges, precast parking garages, mechanical piping, process piping, utility pipelines, and oil and gas pipelines.

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Pavement Assessment and Maintenance

Raba Kistner's knowledge of subsurface soil and groundwater conditions, combined with an expertise in pavement materials, allows us to evaluate pavement systems and performance, as well as causations of failure.

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