• Kiwa and Hydrogen

    Kiwa makes an important contribution to promoting the international acceptance of hydrogen as an energy carrier. With our extensive hydrogen test laboratory (the only one of its kind in Europe) and expert hydrogen, certification and consulting teams, Kiwa is a leader in this field. Our experts follow the developments in the field of hydrogen in order to provide you with the best possible strategic and technical support.

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  • Kiwa's hydrogen services

    Kiwa has professional test facilities to perform customer-oriented tests and certifications. Due to our flexible procedures, we can offer exactly what you need. Kiwa tests, certifies and calibrates your products.

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  • Hydrogen Laboratory

    Kiwa offers testing and certification services of automotive components for LPG, CNG, LNG and hydrogen sectors, as well as electromagnetic compatibility and several climatic tests. Kiwa is authorized to issue the E4 certification by the Dutch Vehicle Authority (RDW), one of the most renowned certification authorities in the world.

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