Kiwa and Hydrogen

From hydrogen for domestic heating and cooking, to industrial deployment and hydrogen-fuelled transportation – Kiwa is advising. 

We deliver an IGEM-approved hydrogen training course for professionals working in the gas supply and appliance industries and are currently developing an appliance installer training course in readiness for the rollout of hydrogen in the gas grid.

Our wide range of hydrogen offerings include:


For manufacturers
  • Testing and CE certification for hydrogen components (i.a. pipes, fittings) - (capability for low- and high-pressure testing, gas analysis and chromatography
  • Testing for hydrogen generators
  • Accelerated lifecycle evaluation for fuel reformers and fuel cell systems
  • Hydrogen vehicle component testing at our Hydrogen lab (accredited by the Dutch Vehicle Authority (RDW) for testing hydrogen automotive to 79/2009 and HGV 3.1) including Environmental/Climatic testing from – 50 to + 120 deg C and up to 1.100 BAR
  • Our hydrogen consultants have produced a boil off management system for hydrogen vehicles


For networks and suppliers
  • Analysis tools for designing gas networks, performing network calculations and determining level of risk or delivery reliability
  • Technical advice, field trial management, feasibility studies, proof of concept, technical due diligence, risk analysis and mitigation, regulatory advice, techno-economic analysis, and data analysis