Automotive Testing

With the current challenges posed by air pollution and climate change, automakers must increasingly add alternative fuel options to their vehicle fleets to meet ever stricter emissions legislation.

Kiwa will provide you with:

Hydrogen automotive component testing, certification and calibration: A total solution necessary to bring your hydrogen components to the international marketplace, compliant with EC 79/2009. With industry-renowned experts, a history of fuel-cell technology development and testing, extensive climatic testing facilities and the only dedicated hydrogen laboratory in Europe, we will guide you through the hydrogen component approval process so you can begin de-carbonising your fleet.

Testing and certification of alternative fuel and pressure components: We offer international type-approval of hydrogen, CNG (to ECE R110), LNG (to ISO 12614/12617 series) and LPG (to EN 14427) vehicle systems, cylinders and tanks, assemblies and their associated components. With our comprehensive services, you can contribute to your emissions reduction targets while minimizing the impact on your existing ICE architectures.

Fuel storage and refueling components inspection and certification: At the forecourt, above and below-ground fuel storage tanks, manifolds, dispenser sumps and piping systems for conventional liquid fuels must be installed by a certified installer and inspected periodically. Kiwa’s team of certified inspectors and its ability to certify the components will help you get more vehicles off to a flying start.

Climatic Testing Facilities: Regardless of fuel type, automakers must demonstrate that their vehicles can perform in even the most extreme conditions. Automotive components will be subject to extremes of hot, cold, wet and dry in addition to physical and chemical corrosion, repetitive cyclical loads, and severe fluctuations in temperature and pressure. Whatever the conditions, Kiwa can test, certify and calibrate your components in its ISO/IEC 17025 accredited facilities.

EMC testing and certification of automotive components to ECE R10 and 72/245/EEC: As we move into the “connected-car” and autonomous driving age, the number of electronic vehicle components is growing rapidly and the need to demonstrate their reliability and safety is critical. Kiwa can provide the testing to type approve all electrical and electronic components for automotive applications.