Services for the most important components of a PV system

Photovoltaic (PV) technology has changed dramatically in recent years. Not only in terms of the technology itself, but also in terms of efficiency, demand and price. The environment is constantly changing, and with it the demands and quality factors that need to be carefully examined.

That is why the performance, safety and quality of the individual components of your PV system must be right. We have the know-how to support you in your endeavours.

As a technical advisor, risk manager and quality assurance provider, we offer services for the most important components such as PV modules, inverters and batteries, among others.

Benefit from our experience in this field and contact us today for a non-binding offer.

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Our services in the PV sector

  • Our laboratories are ISO 17025 accredited. We offer independent testing of PV modules and competent support from our experts. With our wide range of tests on quality criteria and the quality assurance requirements, you get the best possible results.
  • We help you with your contract documents for the procurement of PV equipment. Through our many years of experience, you will benefit from well thought-out supply contracts or we will work with you to develop individual contracts based on your existing documentation. Our support can reduce potential safety, performance and reliability risks.
  • We audit factories for the manufacture of PV modules, inverters and batteries prior to production. This provides our customers with an independent assessment of quality, reliability and performance in connection with the investment or procurement of PV equipment.
  • We offer in-factory production monitoring and inspection of PV equipment on site. During the manufacturing process, we support our customers in minimising technical risks associated with the production of PV equipment.