31 March 2020

Collaboration through remote audits

Remote techniques are an excellent way to continue to conduct audits, especially in times of physical distance. But what exactly is remote auditing, when can it be used and how does Kiwa perform remote audits?


What are remote audits?

During a remote audit, technical tools are used to perform a digital audit with report generation. During a remote audit, the auditor and the audited organization work on the audit project simultaneously. This is done in a virtual working environment where the parties involved exchange all necessary information. The requirements and regulations applicable to the audit are always taken into account.

Why conduct remote audits?

Remote audits are particularly suitable for the assessment of documents and interviews. They do not necessarily take less time, but there are important advantages:

- More effective processes and use of employees: A virtual workspace where documents are stored ensures more efficient information exchange.

- Faster and more secure.

- No time spent travelling.

- More sustainable: fewer trips by car.

Remote auditing is particularly useful for the following activities related to certification audits: Document and management audits and simultaneous questioning of several people at different locations.

Let us work together digitally

Kiwa uses the online platform Microsoft Teams for remote audits. You do not need any knowledge for Microsoft Teams. We create a digital, secure working environment and everyone in the project team is invited. In this environment the project members can communicate with each other and conduct video conferences, plan and divide tasks, and exchange and edit documents. No additional license is required to use teams.

Learn more

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