8 February 2022

Innovations in the Official Journal of the Low Voltage Directive - updated standards published

Shortly before Christmas (2021-12-21) the Low Voltage Directive has been adapted after a long time. Some standards have been updated.

New amendment A15 for EN 60335-1. CE declaration without A15 is only possible until 2023-06-21 (see excerpt from the Official Journal).

A15 EN 60335-1.PNG

In addition, the following standards have been added. 
  • Some new 60335-2 standards (e.g. -2-21) resp. amendments for -2 standards
  • Some new lamp standards EN 60598
  • EN IEC 62040-1:2019 +A11:2021: UPS (see below screenshot of the Official Journal)

EN IEC 62040-1 2019.PNG

  • New amendments EN 62477-1

EN 62477-1.PNG

What exactly do these changes mean? Kiwa clarifies. 

Date of start of presumption of conformity: From this date, the standard can be used for presumption of conformity (in the example 21/12/2021).

OJ reference for Puplication in OJ: On this date, the standard was gazetted (21/12/2021 in the example).

Date of withdrawal from OJ (end of presumption of conformity): From this date, the standard can no longer be used for presumption of conformity (in the example 21/06/2023), the new standard must be used instead.

OJ reference for withdrawal from OJ: Date when the "Date of withdrawal" has entered the Official Journal (in the example 21/12/2021).


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