Relevant to all parties involved with handling, use or production of liquid polymers, sealants and latex.

The Kiwa Expert Centre Polymers has know-how, technical expertise and testing facilities for liquid polymers, sealants and latex, including:

  • Liquid silicone rubbers (LSR)
  • Polyurethane rubbers
  • Natural and synthetic latex products
  • Flexible coatings for waterproof roofing, concrete, corrosion protection, etc
  • Sealants
  • Polymer modified adhesives
  • Polyester and epoxy resins
  • Other polymer modified liquid products

An outline of our services for liquid polymers, sealants and latex:

  • certification
  • failure analysis
  • service life prediction
  • testing of physical-mechanical properties, testing of processing properties
  • testing of weathering resistance, testing of chemical resistance
  • testing of barrier properties (gas, moisture)
  • testing according to ETAG 005, ETAG 022, ETAG 033, EN ISO 11600, EN 14187, EN 14891, EN 1504, EN 15814
  • independent arbitrations
  • consultancy with respect to specifications and requirements for specific applications
  • material selections
  • inspections and guidance

Flexible coatings - natural rubber latex - synthetic rubber latex - polyurethanes - polyurea - liquid silicone rubbers (LSR) - waterproof roofing kits - polymer modified bitumen emulsions - water dispersable polymers - corrosion protecting coating kits - polyester resins - liquid sealants - dipped products - 2k systems.

  • For testing, inspections, approvals and certifcation.
  • When questions or problems arise during production or use of liquid polymers, sealants and latex.

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