• EC 834/2007 EU Organic Regulation

    Kiwa BCS offers certification under EC Organic Regulation 834/2007 for organic product chain such as agriculture, food, feed, processing, transport, storage, trade, export etc..

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    EC 834/2007 EU Organic Regulation
  • Turkey Organic Agriculture Law

    Any company that produce, market or sell their organic products in Turkey, should be certified or controlled in terms of Turkey Organic Agriculture Law.

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    Turkey Organic Agriculture Law
  • JAS

    Kiwa BCS offers the possibility of certification according to the Japanese Agricultural Standard (JAS) for organic organic products and processed foods for the entire organic chain of production, including repackaging or re-labeling of products.

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  • GOTS

    Global Standard for Ecological Textiles "GOTS" is recognized as the world's leading production standard for the production of textile products made from ecological fibers. It defines ambitious environmental criteria for the entire ecological textile supply chain and also demands compliance with social criterias.

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  • KOC

    Since 2014, producers from countries that do not have an organic product equivalence or trade agreement with Korea need to certify their products according to Korean organic regulations if they want to sell organic products in the Korean market.

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  • FairTSA (Fair Trade Certificate)

    The Fair Trade Sustainability Alliance (FairTSA) is a non-profit standard based on fair trade, social rights of workers and supply chain management.

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    FairTSA (Fair Trade Certificate)
  • NOP

    The National Organic Program NOP is part of the US Department of Agriculture (USDA). BCS is accredited in 2002.

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  • Biosuisse International

    Bio Suisse certification is a private standard belongs to the association with the same name, which differs with the European standard and required for any organic farmer who wants to sell on the Swiss market.

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    Biosuisse International
  • KRAV

    If your company is producing, working with, selling or importing organic food into Sweden and you want to label it as such, you need KRAV certification.

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  • Naturland Certification

    Naturland promotes organic farming worldwide and is one of the largest organic farming associations with more than 53,000 farmers. As a future-oriented association, Naturland combines eco-competence and social responsibility.

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    Naturland Certification
  • Demeter

    Demeter stands for products of the biodynamic farming method. This oldest ecological form of land cultivation goes back to the impulses of Rudolf Steiner, who also initiated Waldorf education and anthroposophical healing at the beginning of the 20th century.

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