KRAV-Organic Sertification

Organic certification focuses on confirming the organic production of the ingredients in your product, including that they avoid chemical treatments and genetically modified organisms. By getting certified, you can build trust with your customers, assuring them of the accuracy of your claims and the quality of your products. This in turn brings repeat business and strengthens your reputation.

Any Swedish company that produces organically processed or unprocessed agricultural or organic seed, or that processes organic agricultural products as food or feed, or that imports organic products into Sweden, requires SRAV certification.

What you want to know?

The market for organic produce is growing continuously, and consumers are increasingly demanding organic raw produce and processed goods. To take advantage of this boom in the European market, and in Sweden in particular, you need to ensure your products are labelled organic.

Organic foods with the KRAV label are proven to have been produced in an environmentally friendly and ethical way. KRAV-certified companies contribute to sustainable food production and environmental protection.

KRAV certification goes a step further than European organic certification, in some cases, so KRAV certification automatically lets you use the Euro Leaf label as well as the KRAV label.