EC 834/2007 EU Organic Regulation

Any company that produces organic processed or unprocessed agricultural products, organic seeds or process agriculture products as food-feed should be certified to sell its products on the EU Market.

What you need to know

a) Companies in Germany or in the EU must have an organic certificate according to EC 834/2007.

b) Companies outside the EU (in the third countries) must hold the "BCS-Organic-Production-Standard" certificate, which is considered equivalent to the EC regulation EC 834/2007 issued by a certification body approved by the EU Commission according to the country of origin and the relevant product category . (Origin and appropriate product category in Annex IV to EC 1235/2008).

The equivalent BCS-Organic-Production-Standard , which you can request from our local Kiwa BCS office, has been evaluated by our accreditation body DAkkS Germany and approved by the EU Commission.

The certificate, which is equivalent to the EU regulation on organic production, allows you to label your product and use the EU organic logo to export it to the EU.