The purpose of the standard is to provide the consumer with the globally recognized requirements of organic textile status to ensure environmental and social assurance in the process from the raw material to the final consumer (label).

What you want to know?

GOTS covers the processing, manufacturing, packaging, labeling, trading and distribution of all textiles made from organic natural cotton certified to a minimum of 70%. The final products may include fiber products, yarns, fabrics, garments, fashion accessories, textile toys, home textiles, mattresses and bedding products, and textile personal care products but are not limited to, 

Demand for environmental and social sustainable textile products has increased dramatically in recent years. Compliance with safety working conditions and sustainability standards, compliance with ecological standards form the basis of fair and ethical trade. Recognized as the gold standard in textile certifications, GOTS is highly recognized and accepted by both manufacturers and dealers and consumers because all these criteria are covered by this certificate. Textile processors and manufacturers export organic fabrics and garments with this certificate, which is accepted in all major markets.