Building materials for road construction

Road construction, dike defences or structures must be safe and properly usable. All materials used in these works must comply with national and international regulations. Kiwa has the expertise and knowledge to test road construction materials.

Structures meet user requirements when the required structural performance and associated design properties are correctly translated into material behaviour and material property requirements.

The many material properties can be bundled into the groups:

  • mechanical behaviour
  • structural durability
  • hydraulic behaviour
  • processing
  • environmental properties.

With laboratory and field tests, Kiwa can help you determine whether your material meets the specific rules.

Laboratory testing

Kiwa can determine all relevant properties for all civil engineering and hydraulic engineering materials in our high-tech road construction laboratory. With electro-hydraulic testing and monitoring equipment, we can carry out customised tests to meet your specific needs and requirements. The laboratories have been accredited by the Dutch Accreditation Council under number L007 for around 80 different tests. We work strictly according to the latest guidelines and follow national and international standards.

On-site tests

In addition to laboratory tests, we also regularly carry out material tests in the field. Such field tests often require the determination of structural properties. Field testing may also involve taking material samples, which are then examined in the laboratory.


Kiwa | Your partner in testing, inspecting and certifying plastic and rubber building materials

Our services in the field of road construction

  • The SKM process focuses not only on the quality of the road, but also on road safety. The measurement provides important values for the condition assessment and evaluation of new or existing road surfaces.
  • Our geotechnical services are used by construction and civil engineers, highways and local authorities. We offer a wide range of site investigation and laboratory testing services.
  • Infrastructure consultancy with a focus on all sorts of pavement constructions. From municipal roads to container terminals, from dike revetments to airports. We are experts in constructions and paving materials like asphalt concrete, concrete and block paving.