Roofs and facades

Kiwa offers all types of testing, inspection and certification of building products, for example for roofs and facades:

  • Masonry and related products, masonry units, mortar and accessories.
  • thermal insulation products, thermal insulation composite kits or systems
  • Curtain walls, cladding, structural-seal glazing
  • Roofing, skylights, skylights and related products, roof kits
  • Flat glass, profiled glass and glass block products
  • Wood-based materials and elements
  • Doors, windows, roller shutters, gates and associated building hardware
  • Chimneys, flues and specific products
  • Kits, units and prefabricated elements


Voluntary CE

For construction products for which there is no harmonised European standard, it is possible to apply for a voluntary CE. The voluntary route requires the first draft of a European Technical Assessment (ETA) and/or European Assessment Document (EAD).

European Technical Assessment (ETA)

And if your product does not fit into the scope of the harmonised European standards, we offer you to create your own European Assessment Document (EAD) with a European Technical Assessment (ETA) with Kiwa as Technical Assessment Body (TAB).


Kiwa | Your partner in testing, inspecting and certifying plastic and rubber building materials

  • Certification of concrete construction elements distinguishes you from other companies based on quality and reliability. By partnering with Kiwa, you can get the most out of working with certification, improving your production to improve your performance, meet your customers’ needs and boost your business.
  • Testing, inspection and certification of floor coverings. Waterproofing membranes including liquid applied waterproofing and kits (for waterproofing against water and/or steam).
  • The K21045 Fire Protection Systems Assessment scheme is a scheme for Testing, Inspecting and Certificaion (TIC) Fire Protection Systems.
  • For construction products for which a harmonized European standard is not available (e.g. due to special features), there is the possibility of applying a voluntary CE. For the voluntary route, the first draft of a European Technical Assessment (ETA) and/or European Assessment Document (EAD) is mandatory.
  • Tests at Kiwa simulate the real conditions on a construction site and use all materials to be tested, such as frames, glass, sealing materials, gaskets and anchoring devices. Thermal transmittance DIN EN 12412-2. Sound measurement according to DIN EN 20140.
  • A Kiwa test provides you with a certificate with a product certification scheme for the production and application of thermal insulation materials for facade structures with stone-like hollow walls or with panels.
  • In order to be able to use a liquid plastic in Germany, a general building authority test certificate (abP) is issued based on of the "Test principles for issuing general building authority test certificates for liquid plastics for building waterproofing (PG-FLK)".
  • The EN 54 series applies to fire detection and fire alarm systems in and around buildings composed of several components that communicate for the purpose of detecting fire at the earliest practicable moment.
  • The roof coverings comprise not only products, but also complete systems for flat roofs, like bitumen, plastic and rubber waterproofing sheets as well as liquid applied roof waterproofing kits (LARWK), but also for sloped roofs: ceramic and concrete tiles, shingles and thatched roofs.