18 November 2022

30 years of Kiwa BCS Öko-Garantie GmbH!

As the first state-approved inspection body in Germany, Kiwa BCS celebrates its 30th anniversary in 2022. Since its foundation in 1992 in Nuremberg, the then "BCS Öko-Garantie GmbH" has grown steadily and has been able to make a name for itself on the market with high-quality services in the organic certification of food processors and producers.

In 2014, BCS Öko-Garantie GmbH became part of the Kiwa Group. With this step into Kiwa's group structure, many resources are available, leading to a wider range of services offered by Kiwa BCS. Since then, the business has reached even further into the global markets, more standards can be offered and a wide range of further training opportunities are available for employees.

On 30 September 2022, the 30th anniversary was celebrated in Nuremberg with a company outing. The employees met in Abensberg for a guided tour of the brewery, to marvel at a Hundertwasser tower and to have dinner together at the end. During this day, they celebrated the achievements of the Kiwa BCS Öko-Garantie in the organic food industry since 1992.

But even here it was clear that without the loyal customers, some of them over the past decades, there would be nothing to celebrate this year. Therefore, we would like to take this opportunity to say a big thank you to all the businesses that have stuck with Kiwa BCS through thick and thin. We do our best every day to make a smooth cooperation possible, because we know: only together we succeed in creating trust on the organic market.

30 Years Kiwa BCS.png