Circularity in the construction industry

With the European Green Deal, the European Union has therefore committed itself to transforming the construction industry into a circular economy, i.e. sustainability is becoming mandatory in construction. We at Kiwa think this is the right thing to do and support our customers in every phase that a building material goes through in its life cycle, starting with the raw material and ending with recycling.



The independent evaluation of raw materials and production are Kiwa's classic field of activity as a testing, monitoring and certification body. We are accredited as a TIC body for all important building products and notified or recognised by the building authorities. 

The construction, use and maintenance phase is supervised by Kiwa's engineering department. For example, our experts support construction with quality assurance measures in the planning phase as well as on site. Construction in existing buildings is also an important aspect where Kiwa supports you with its expert knowledge and testing services, for example with the planning of repairs. 

The missing parts in the life cycle of a building material (transport and trade, deconstruction and recycling) are served by our sustainability team. For example, Kiwa certifies mineral building materials in accordance with the Concrete Sustainability Council CSC and creates Environmental Product Declarations EPDs or our customers create the EPDs themselves using our specially developed web app "R<THiNK". 

In addition, we also support you in system-related tasks, such as the certification of environmental management in companies according to ISO 14001.

Kiwa supports you in all phases of the life cycle of building materials and thus supports the circular economy in the construction industry.