Solar & Wind

Generating heat and electricity involves many challenges and potential hazards. Power can come from an increasing number of sources. Renewables and especially Solar are the most growing and important businesses in the energy market. In fast growing markets it is very important to continuously maintain the quality level of installations. Brand reputation is high. Kiwa can help you to increase the quality level of products, installations, maintenance and related services in the field of Solar and Wind energy.

How can Kiwa help: Solar energy

In Europe, Kiwa is one of the top 3 TIC (Testing, Inspection, Certification) companies in the field of Solar energy. We are able to provide one stop shop services for the entire value chain. Our certificates are accepted in most countries and we have a well-established global network of testing labs and working groups. We offer TIC services for Upstream (manufacturers of finished products, components and raw materials) and Downstream (Banks, Investors, asset owners, EPC contractors, Operational & maintenance company) stakeholders active in both Primary (new Installations) and Secondary (existing installations) markets.

The services we offer are addressed to:

  • Manufacturers of PV modules (Testing and Certification).
  • Manufacturers of inverters, batteries and chargers for electrical vehicles (Testing and Certification).
  • Manufacturers of mounting structures and components (Testing and Certification).
  • Investors, banks, asset owners, developers (Technical Due diligence for new installations or existing installations).
  • Asset Owners, installers and O&M (on-site TIC services for quality control of plants).
  • Public institutions; Kiwa is recognized from the main authorities in Europe and abroad for feed-in Tariffs.

How can Kiwa help: Wind energy

In many European countries electricity generated by wind turbine generators (WTG’s) already accounts for a significant part of the available green energy. To guarantee efficient and safe operation, regular testing and inspection of WGT installations is of the utmost importance.

Kiwa offers an extensive portfolio of services for the wind energy sector. Onshore as well as offshore: from foundations, masts, rotor blades, alternators and mechanical parts to complete projects: from design phase to use and, ultimately, dismantling. The emphasis lies on lifts, cranes, anchors and safety equipment, fire protection, pressure equipment (accumulators for safety brakes during strong winds), gears (if not direct drive) and inspection of bolted connections.

Kiwa's range of services covers the entire wind energy market, from owners and operators to manufacturers and onshore and offshore facilities. Our services cover the entire lifecycle of wind turbines and wind farms, from construction to safe decommissioning of depreciated installations.

Kiwa - Testing, Inspection, Certification - Solar energy - Wind energy

Global services in the field of Solar & Wind

  • Kiwa can test your PV inverters and grid connections. Kiwa is also Notified Body on all relevant directives that apply to inverters – electromagnetic compatibility directive (EMC-D), low voltage directive (LVD) and grid connection - our test facilities and expertise are available to you.
  • Kiwa, through Kiwa Moroni, performs complete plant management, assisting investors in the technical and administrative management of pv systems in order to increase profitability and value of their investments and ensuring the compliance with the guarantees by contracts and requirements of the current regulation.
  • Determination of the wather-tightness of solar energy systems in roofs.
  • To reduce carbon emissions the global community increasingly strives to generate energy using renewable sources. In many European countries electricity generated by wind turbine generators (WTG’s) already accounts for a significant part of the available green energy.
  • BDA Solar Energy Systems is the department of the BDA Group that focuses on architectural aspects of solar power systems that are installed on roofs and facades.
  • Kiwa Gastec | Certification Body for MCS004, MCS005, MCS012, MCS017 product certification
  • Globally we strive to generate energy in a sustainable way. With this goal solar parks are set up, enabling energy suppliers to offer their customers green energy.
  • Batteries containing lithium must be tested in accordance with UN 38.3 to ensure safe transport.
  • Kiwa, through the group member Kiwa Moroni, executes the permission process, the design, the construction surveillance and the safety of power plants, supporting investors and EPC contractors in the choice of sustainable energy saving solutions.
  • Kiwa, through Kiwa Moroni, carries out consultancy activities and instrumental analyses on operating energy plants, including the ones still in the process of realization, cooperating actively with leading banks and investment funds, investors requiring an independent audit to protect their energy investments.