Who is this for?

Manufacturers of products and/or services that want to convince customers about the quality of their products.

When is this needed?

The Covenant is especially intended for innovative products and services for which the normal way of certification is not possible.
The big advantage of this new quality seal is that a short certification process is possible. The development process of an evaluation guideline for standard products lasts about one to two years, and of a European standard even five to seven years. A Kiwa Covenant can be ready within three to four months, depending on the testing. 

What to do next

There is a four-step procedure to obtain a Kiwa Covenant:
- In cooperation with the Kiwa certification assessor the unique properties of your products are set and described; 
- These product porperties are assessed against the claimed requirements and documented; 
- After mutual agreement of the contents the Covenant can be issued; 
- Kiwa will carry out quality audits of the product and process according to the agreed frequency for maintaining the Covenant.

Why Kiwa?

Kiwa is a fast growing international knowledge organisation for certification, (gas) technology, training and testing. Kiwa is market leader in the water-, gas- and construction sector, the industry, business services, health care and security. Kiwa is active in more than 40 countries worldwide.