Rubber test facilities
Kiwa has extensive test facilities for rubber materials and products,
We offer a full range of mechanical tests, chemical resistance tests and analytical tests.

Kiwa has the expertise to help you to improve and maintain a high and consistent quality of rubber products. The Kiwa certification of rubber products is well-known in the market of piping systems and construction products.

(Residual) Service life
Reliability, service lifetime and maintenance costs are important aspects for many constructions, installations and equipment. Investigation on the (residual) service life of rubber products is one of the key expertises of our rubber experts.

Failure analysis
Unfortunately not everything functions the way you would like it to function. Failure of rubber components in service happens and this can be caused by many factors. As an independent third party Kiwa can carry out a failure analysis of rubber products to reveal the cause.

When you have a dispute with your supplier or client about test results or product quality, Kiwa is there for you as an independent party to clear up things.

Kiwa carries out investigations and tests for manufacturers of rubber compounds and rubber products, distributors and traders, designers, manufacturers and constructors of installations and equipment, maintenance and asset management.

Please contact us to discuss your question and our possibilities.