This assessment and surveillance scheme for injected systems is useful for developers, housing associations and householders.

The Process

  1. The System Designer must approve the installer.
  2. The property must be surveyed thoroughly before any material is installed, and a detailed checklist completed.
  3. The wind-driven rain conditions typically experienced by the property must be assessed, using the guidance given in BS 8104 and relevant national Building Regulations. BRE Report 262 should also be consulted.
  4. A borescope investigation should be carried out to look at the condition of the cavity.
  5. If the property is considered suitable for CWI, the surveyor will detail the drilling pattern from the System Designers’ Installation Guide and determine the volume of material required.
  6. The System Designer provides a standard to which installers are obliged to work. When completed, the installer must declare that the work has been undertaken correctly and that all necessary checks have been carried out. All documentation must be made available to Kiwa for audit purposes.
  7. Kiwa conducts rigorous and thorough independent checks to assess installer competence via training and qualifications, as well as site practice. Our scheme provides the customer with the assurance they should be entitled to.

Installers registered on the Kiwa CWI scheme can be found in our CWI database.