The Quality Mark

The quality mark CCV vehicle security is important for insurance companies because it shows that a vehicle is fitted with approved and certified security. For example, if an insurance company wants to ensure a costly car, he may demand a certificate CCV vehicle security. He knows for sure that good security is present and that the vehicle is much less likely to be stolen.

If the quality mark is issued on a vehicle security system it shows that the system has been thoroughly tested and inspected and meets the required regulations.

Kiwa SCM has close partnerships with a number of companies. All these companies represent an interested party in the market of vehicle security.

Kiwa SCM works with the CCV, the ANWB and the police. The RAI, BOVAG and BvB represent the interests of suppliers and importers of vehicles and security systems. Other parties we work with are: insurance companies, installation companies, RDW and LIV. All these parties work together, through a close cooperation for a high level of quality of the quality mark CCV vehicle security.

Before a security system is approved according to Homologation Directive, is needs to be thoroughly tested. The tests are done by a Test Institute. If you want to obtain a Kiwa SCM homologation, you can view the procedure product homologation.

As stated, the quality mark stands for quality and the mark will only be applied when there is compliance with the inspection regulations.