14 October 2021

Test engineer Rinus van het Bolscher loves a challenge

After years of developing and testing distribution networks for low and medium voltage, Rinus van het Bolscher made the switch to Kiwa FSS Products in early 2021. Here he works as a test engineer, currently mainly on sensors for security installations. ‘It is a challenging and dynamic field in which you have to keep learning.’

After his studies, Rinus van het Bolscher started working as an engineer and tester for an internationally operating specialist in the field of energy distribution systems. ‘Initially I developed, installed and tested complex medium voltage installations and distribution solutions, for example for use in residential areas and industrial estates. Later I switched to low-voltage installations for industry, hospitals, etc. And in the meantime, I was responsible for an entire production line as a Lean Six Sigma specialist. I also maintained contacts with customers and suppliers in Germany, the UK and The United States.'

Customer-specific solutions

Nevertheless, after a career spanning decades, Rinus was looking for a new challenge. ‘The organisation I worked for developed in a different direction. More and more generic products were being produced, while I enjoyed most the projects in which you test specific solutions together with customers all over the world.' Rinus came into contact with Kiwa through a secondment company. ‘I had a good talk at Kiwa and it soon became clear to me that this was the place for me. Very varied work and again a lot of contact with an international clientele.'

Team spirit

Rinus certainly does not regret his switch to Kiwa. ‘Every customer is different, every manufacturer builds their equipment differently and that makes my work technically very challenging. The great thing is that you can work very independently at Kiwa, that you can figure out and arrange things for your projects yourself, but if you need help, your colleagues are always there for you. I really noticed that, the enormous team spirit.”

Ongoing process

Still, Rinus had to get used to working for a certifying organisation. ‘It is in the customer's interest that products are properly tested by competent people. And so I've been busy getting the required qualifications for the past few months. Soon I expect to qualify for testing motion sensors for security systems. This touches on various aspects of other fire safety and security products and is therefore a good basis. Sometimes three or four different standards apply to one product and these also change regularly. That makes this job an ongoing learning process which makes it very challenging and dynamic.’