About us

Through years of experience as a leading specialist in environmental, quality, health and safety management in the technology, utilities and healthcare sectors, Kiwa has a wealth of experience and expertise in these areas.

We share that knowledge under the motto ‘Experts Sharing Knowledge’. Via Kiwa Training & Development we offer a large number of courses and training courses: from one-day workshops and e-learnings to multi-day training courses, in class, as blended learning and in-company.

Kiwa Training & Development

Kiwa Training & Development offers a large number of training courses in the field of installation and energy distribution technology, energy transition, quality management and healthcare. We offer classroom courses as well as online trainings (often combined). Our teachers usually have a practical background and Kiwa has its own well-equipped training and practice rooms.

Road construction training

Kiwa division KOAC is a leading consultancy and research specialist in the field of roads, road construction materials and road construction solutions. We share that knowledge through Kiwa Training. The range of courses contains a large number of short, targeted courses, provided by practical teachers.


VCANederland is a leading trainer in the field of the VGM Checklist Aannemers (VCA). VCANederland helps professionals to obtain the VCA diploma. Employees who work in organizations with increased safety risks can turn to VCANederland for classroom courses and e-learning, also in other languages or as an in-company training.


ATEXcertificaat.nl is part of VCANederland and provides quality training in the field of explosion safety. ATEXcertificaat.nl works in close collaboration with U&D Industrial Safety (experts in the field of explosion protection) and Kiwa Exvision. At Kiwa Exvision, equipment, installations and components that are used in an explosion hazard environment are tested and certified.

NRTO Mark for quality and professionality

Kiwa Training & Development is in possession of the NRTO quality mark. The NRTO quality mark is an independent recognition for quality and professionalism in the private training sector. The NRTO quality mark is issued by the Dutch Council for Training and Education (NRTO), the sector organization for training and education. With the NRTO quality mark, Kiwa Training & Development demonstrates that it meets the high quality requirements in the field of transparency about products and services, adequate services, professional dealings with customers and expertise of the staff. Read more about it in the Dutch NTRO code of conduct.

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