About us

The Netherlands based Institute for Sports Facilities (Instituut voor Sportaccommodaties B.V.), known as Kiwa ISA Sport, is an independent professional body specialising in top quality, hard-wearing and safe sports facilities: Kiwa ISA Sport is world market leader in all aspects of testing sports facilities.

Kiwa ISA Sport

Kiwa ISA Sport can offer you the following services o.a.:

Kiwa ISA Sport has developed various certificates and labels, especially for contractors and subcontractors active in building sports facilities.

Upon completion of a new or renovated sports facility Kiwa ISA Sport can perform a fully independent inspection according to the standards.


The Work carried out by Kiwa ISA Sport is accredited by the major Dutch sporting bodies for football (KNVB), tennis (KNLTB), hockey (KNHB), athletics (Atletiekunie) and netball (KNKV). Internationally, Kiwa ISA Sport is also accredited by FIH, World Athletics, FIBA, FIFA, IRB and ITF.

Kiwa ISA Sport international

Originally, Kiwa ISA Sport is an independent research institute for sports facilities in The Netherlands. Because governments and sports federations abroad are becoming increasingly aware of the need to build high-quality, durable and safe sports facilities, Kiwa ISA Sport sees great opportunities outside the Netherlands. In 2005, ISA Sport Nordic founded. This local office in Oslo (Norway) serves the Scandinavian market, with a focus on countries such as Norway, Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Iceland and the Faroe Islands. In other countries Kiwa ISA Sport is represented by local agents.


In 1959, the forerunner of Kiwa ISA Sport, the "Sports Facilities Sector", was founded from organized sports as part of the former NSF to bring the quality of sports facilities in the Netherlands to a higher level. The Sports Facilities Sector merged with the NOC * NSF Institute for Sports Facilities in the 1990s and stood at the beginning of current standards, the sports floor list and the inspection of sports floors. The sports technical laboratory and the natural grass testing station at Papendal were world leaders. ISA Sport has been an independent company since 2001 and has since then continued to build on its expertise and specialist services. In the beginning NOC * NSF was a full shareholder as a parent company, nowadays Kiwa ISA Sport is part of Kiwa Nederland BV Fully Dutch Kiwa is one of the world's top 20 companies in the field of testing, inspection and certification and offers Kiwa ISA Sport to a large extent the right support in the professional field.