In the production of food, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, tobacco and animal feed (and packaging that comes into direct contact with these products) it is very important to avoid contamination with lubricants from machine parts (such as gears, bearings, hydraulics, pneumatics, compressors, slides and chains). If incidental contact with the lubricant cannot be completely prevented, lubricants should be used that do not pose health and safety risks in cross-contamination.

Why ISO 21469 certification?

  • Win new business: You can beat the competition in procurement processes when ISO 21469 certification is a requirement;
  • Improve processes: With ISO 21469, you can identify areas for improvement in your management processes, ensuring they are internationally accepted;
  • Reduce costs: By highlighting where your processes can be improved, ISO 21469 helps you cut operating, manufacturing and energy costs;
  • Meet customers’ needs: With a focus on customers, ISO 21469 lets you set out goals for meeting customer needs;
  • Demonstrate your commitment to quality: ISO 21469 certification shows customers, partners and employees that you are committed to continuous improvement;
  • Improve competitiveness: ISO 21469 certification helps you enter new global markets and supply chains and forge new partnerships:
  • Monitor and improve performance: ISO 21469 helps you analyze your processes and monitor customer opinion:
  • Manage your supply chain: ISO 21469 covers supply chain management, helping you improve your processes and maintain quality throughout the value chain.

ISO 21469 certified by Kiwa

Certification according to ISO 21469 is usually combined with quality certifications according to ISO 9001 and/or ISO 22000. Kiwa can support you in achieving these certifications, also in a combined process. In this way, Kiwa helps you to offer products or services that are in accordance with internationally accepted standards, so you can build trust with customers and meet legal requirements. Below you can find more information on ISO 9001 and ISO 22000.