Kiwa Technology's IRENE Pro software is ideal for calculating and dimensioning your distribution networks for natural gas, biogas, CO2 or hydrogen.

Relevant to:

  • Pipeline owners
  • Pipeline operators
  • Network operators
  • Infrastructure companies
  • Construction contractors
  • Network calculation specialists
  • Asset specialists
  • Network designers
  • Risk analysts

Expansion or construction of new networks or pipelines. Kiwa Technology has in-house expertise and facilities for providing solutions in all stages of design from the preliminary phase to dimensioning the network.

Kiwa Technology can design and dimension networks for different types of gas: natural, biogas, green gas, hydrogen and CO2.

One of the modules of IRENE Pro can also provide insight into the effects of, for example, decentralised feeding into networks.

  • Calculations with every type of gas. Kiwa Technology does not therefore only work with natural gas, but also, for example, biogas, green gas, hydrogen and CO2.
  • Simultaneous calculations for multiple networks.
  • Additional analyses, such as: tracing feed-in (green) gas, the speed with which gas is transported and the point where the largest pressure loss occurs.
  • Design calculations to work out the optimal diameters for your network.
  • Profile calculations to predict pressure variations during a 24-hour period.
  • Delivery reliability analyses to designate stations that are important and to discover which customers run the greatest risk of not receiving deliveries.