SERMI – access theft- and security-relevant vehicle information


As an independent operator in the automotive industry, access to theft and security information related to repair and maintenance will become increasingly important. In order to meet the qualification for information, independent operators and employees, such as car repair shops, need to be authorised in order to be able to access the data from vehicle manufacturers. However, access to the data needs to be secured by a certificate confirming that the user is authorized.

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What is SERMI? 

SERMI is short for Security-Related Vehicle Repair and Maintenance Information and aims to provide equal access to theft and security-related repair and maintenance information.
SERMI is a collaboration between the EU and various industry associations in the automotive industry and workshops. The collaboration was started with the aim to develop a common standard to enable equal access to vehicle technical safety information.

Why SERMI for automotive and automotive workshops?

From October 1, 2023, workshops that have employees working with security and theft related maintenance information are authorized by independent bodies to be guaranteed access to this information. This standardisation will create better conditions for more healthy and fair competition. Kiwa is an independent party that can make this assessment and can help to get authorized.