System certification

Very often the type approval process will be followed by an assessment of the production line. Then we assess if your production line is conform the certified model. System certification is an integral part of the ATEX (2014/34/EU) Directive. Kiwa ExVision can certify your production quality system, where we assume the presence of an ISO 9001 system. Kiwa ExVision audits then exclusively focus on the professional aspects of explosion safety. In most cases the audit will be performed by one skilled assessor.

Certification for the ATEX (2014/34/EU) Directive consists in most cases of an EC Type Approval investigation combined with an assessment of your production quality.

Other possibilities

Many variations are possible, depending on your situation. If you only produce one or a few product(s) or system(s), it is not considered a production line. Perhaps your product falls under other categories, which enables you, as a manufacturer, more autonomy. For certain product categories you, as a manufacturer, can declare conformity with the essential requirements of the ATEX (2014/34/EU) Directive. One of the requirements is that the Technical Construction File (TCF) of the product is kept by a Notified Body.

Test facilities

To manage turn-around times of explosion safety projects, Kiwa ExVision has built a full equipped ATEX / IECEx laboratory. In our laboratory in Apeldoorn we are able to perform almost all necessary tests. We have sufficient capacity to avoid waiting lists.   

The main test setups are:

  • Two facilities supported by a gas mix installation to perform explosion safety tests for enclosures 
  • Spark test apparatus for evaluating intrinsically safe circuits  
  • IP test facilities for water and dust
  • Impact test set ups
  • Several climate rooms, ovens, freezers for endurance testing, temperature testing and thermal shock testing
  • Several equipment to analyze electronics and mechanics of your product.