This service is used by construction companies, contractors and civil engineers.

Analyses are carried out to the highest quality standards and include:

Concrete: Determination of cement, alkali oxide, chloride ion, sulphate and GGBFS content of hardened concrete to BS1881, water/cement ratio, HAC presence, petrographic analysis.

Mortars, Screeds & Plasters: Mix proportion analyses of mortars, screeds and plasters, chloride and sulphate content and other chemical analyses to BS 4551.

Soils & Ground Waters: Organic matter content, pH value, Sulphate content to BS 1377. Testing and analysis of topsoil to BS 3882.

Aggregates: Water soluble chloride salts, Total sulphate, Water soluble sulphate to BS EN 1744-1, Acid soluble material to BS 812.

Organic contaminants: Rapid on-site testing of contaminated land providing identification of the location, nature and concentration range of petroleum hydrocarbons, PAHs, PCBs, BTEX etc. This is a valuable aid to effective removal of contaminants during remedial works.