Kiwa is a one-stop-shop, with comprehensive knowledge of heat pumps and chillers providing product performance evaluation by testing and advising on technical issues related to relevant European and international directives and standards.

Kiwa is one of Europe’s most experienced testing and certification companies both in general and within the heat pumps and chillers market. We provide ErP, EMC safety, electrical safety and water safety testing. Furthermore, we can provide testing for the RED and PED. Kiwa’s involvement allows you to focus your attention, time and efforts on your ultimate goal: selling your product with an approval. Kiwa’s international testing and certifying experts can dispose of high capacity in-house testing facilities, enabling us to perform performance tests on all kind of heat pumps, with electrically or gas driven compressors.

Kiwa’s services in the field of testing and certifying heat pumps and heat pump related products are intended for manufacturers or marketers who want their products to be assessed, tested or certified.

Compliance with European directives, labels and certification schemes is paramount before launching new products. Kiwa can help you to comply with the following directives and labels:

  • EU directive Energy related Products (ErP);
  • Low Voltage Directive (EN 60335-2-40);
  • EMC Directive;
  • Pressure Equipment Directive;
  • Radio Equipment Directive;
  • NEN 7120 (EPG for Dutch market, for both heating and hot water);
  • Water safety testing (KTW, Kiwa Watermark);
  • EHPA Quality Label;
  • CEN Heat Pump KEYMARK;
  • Heat pump MCS certification.

Performance or safety testing according to the following standards can be performed by Kiwa:

  • EN 55014 and EN 61000;
  • EN 60335-2-40
  • EN 12102 (sound power testing);
  • EN 14511 (requirements for rating and heating performance of heat pumps);
  • EN 14825 (like 14511 for modulating heat pumps, part load conditions);
  • EN 16147 (for determining the COP for hot water production for sanitary purposes);
  • EN 378 (environmental and safety requirements);
  • ISO 14903 (heat pump components testing); 
  • NEN 7120 (EPG for Dutch market, for both heating and hot water);

Is your specific standard not listed above, please contact us for all our possibilities.